Dalmatian Separation Anxiety Solution

It’s not uncommon for dogs to develop separation anxiety problems. There are many reasons as to why a Dalmatian would feel anxious, nervous and scared when left alone.

Sometimes it’s because the puppy was taken away from his mother or siblings too early. Other times it’s because the puppy is not used to being left alone and feels scared. The good news is that this problem is not that hard to cure.

Dalmatian Separation AnxietySpotting Separation Anxiety

Dalmatian separation Anxiety is not a cut and dry case every time. Sometimes the symptoms of separation anxiety are confused for other disobedience problems.

How do you know if your Dalmatian suffers from separation anxiety:

  • Barking while you’re gone – This is the most obvious sign of separation anxiety. If your Dalmatian starts barking every time you leave him home alone, he is trying to let you know that you forgot to take him with you.
  • He chews on things he knows he is not supposed to when you’re gone – Sometimes this could be attributed to boredom. However if the things that he is chewing are more personal (your clothing instead of furniture and the remote) then it could be due to separation anxiety.
  • Never wants to stay in a room alone – If the Dalmatian is always following you from room to room and never wants to stay in a room on his own, it could be because he is scared you will leave him.

Steps for Solving the Problem

The first thing most owners think of doing is forcing the puppy to stay home alone until they get used to being by themselves. Sure you could do that, but why would you want to terrify the puppy when there are better ways to solve the problem?

  • Get your Dalmatian used to being left alone. Leave the house for only a few minutes and then comeback. It doesn’t have to be for long, but just enough time for him to notice that he is left by himself. Keep leaving for a little longer each time so the puppy gets used to being left home alone.
  • Say “Goodbye” to the long “goodbyes”! I know you want to give your Dalmatian a hug or two before you head off to work, but it is actually better that you don’t do that. It might seem like a sweet and innocent gesture but to your Dalmatian you’re making a big deal about leaving. So of course he will get nervous and anxious when left home alone.
  • Don’t greet your Dalmatian until he is sitting down calmly. Again if he thinks it’s a big deal that you’ve come back home, he will think it’s a big deal that you leave too. Don’t let him get overexcited about you leaving.
  • Keep him busy while you’re gone. Give him some toys to play with or maybe a treat to chew on. If he is busy doing something, his mind will be focused on something else besides the fact that you’re gone.

Additional Separation Anxiety Tips

Separation AnxietyHere are some additional tips to help your Dalmatian overcome his separation anxiety problems:

Leave the radio or TV playing when you’re gone. Your Dalmatian will feel less lonely with some noise around the house.

Tire out your dog before you leave. A simple game or even a training session would tire out your puppy. Instead of worrying about you, he will want to get some sleep.

Ask your neighbor or friend to take out the Dalmatian out on a walk while you’re gone. It could also help out with house training, if the puppy isn’t house trained yet.

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Have a five year old dalmation who is not desexed but suffers anxiety when i am at work had been ok until yesterday wrecking vertical blinds an then climbed up on kitchen bench an jumped thru fly wire screen an was outside when husband came home from work


Hi we have a 6 and half month female Dalmatian who is very nervous around people. She is great around other dogs and is always playful but around people she is very nervous and shaky. Is there anything we can do to help her get out of this. We take her out everyday and also go to walking parks and other areas to socialise with people but still no different 4 months later


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