Dalmatian Running out of the House

Dalmatian Running out of the HouseTired of chasing after your Dalmatian every time you leave the door open just for a second? Your dog should not be dashing out the door every time someone opens it. Instead he should be waiting by the door until he is given permission to leave the house.

Don’t think your Dalmatian has enough patience to just sit and wait when he sees an opening to “freedom” just a couple of feet away? Well it’s not that hard to have him trained to do just that, trust me. All it takes is some practice.

Why He is Running out of the House

Some dogs run out of the house as soon as they see the door open because they are excited, others do it out of habit. Different dogs might do it for different reasons. Knowing why your Dalmatian does it will help you break the habit and solve the problem.

  • He is excited about going out on a walk – Dalmatians absolutely love to spend their time outdoors. They get to smell new scents, look at new people and animals and at the same time get some exercise. So knowing that the door leads to outside, they will take every opportunity to go out and have some fun.
  • The Dalmatian is bored and wants to have some fun – If your dog starts to play “chase” with you then he is probably doing it out of boredom. The owners first reaction to his dog running out of the house is to chase after him. So knowing that, a bored Dalmatian might want to play a game of chase with you for a bit to kill his boredom.
  • He is doing it out of habit – If your Dalmatian has been running out the door in front of you since he was a puppy, he has probably developed a habit to run out as soon as the door opens. It doesn’t matter to him if you’re taking him out on a walk or not. He sees the door open and he wants to go out, so he simply runs out.

How to Stop the Dalmatian from Dashing out the Door

The first step to stop your dog from running out of the house when the door is open is to train him to sit patiently until you give him permission to go. To do that, use the following steps:

  • Put a leash on the Dalmatian and make him sit by the door. Keep him on a short leash so he can’t leave the house without permission.
  • Open the door, but don’t go outside yet. If your Dalmatian gets up to leave, tell him to sit again. At first he might look at you with a confused look wondering why you’re not letting him go which is normal. Just tell him to sit back down.
  • Now it’s time for you to exit out the door. The first couple of times, your dog will get up right away as he sees you leaving thinking he should follow you out. As soon as he gets up, stop and tell him to sit again. Don’t leave until he is sitting down.
  • Keep repeating the above steps until you can leave the house with him still sitting at the door. Once you reach that step, use a command that will mean he is allowed to exit the house (I just say the words “Go Out”)
  • ¬†Keep practicing this and the Dalmatian will quickly learn that he is only allowed to leave the house when you give him permission to do so.

For additional training tips, methods and techniques check out the Dalmatians Owners Guide. It’s your complete guide to raising a happy, healthy and obedient Dalmatian.

About The Author

Charles Owens is a proud Dalmatian owner, trainer and enthusiast. He has been helping Dalmatian owners for years through his website, discussion forum and personal one on one training sessions.

He has also written a complete guide on what it takes to raise a healthy, happy and obedient Dalmatian.

You can find the complete guide here: The Complete Dalmatian Guide

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i haven’t got a Dalmatian yet and i am really scared but all of this has got me prepared for any situations.


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