Dalmatian Puppy Training

Dalmatian puppies are adorable fur balls of joy most of the time, but sometimes they can be quite the troublemakers. It’s important that you try and curb that kind of behavior early with the help of puppy training, and don’t wait until the puppy is much older until you do something about their misbehavior.

Obedience Training Tips

As a puppy, your Dalmatian will have no real “habits” until he is much older. Catching bad behavior early on and correcting it is the best way to prevent it from forming into habits which are much harder to get rid of.

I always recommend Dalmatian owners to set the house rules from day one, and STICK to them. If you catch your dog misbehaving, get his attention and redirect it to something he is allowed to do instead. This is exactly how basic obedience training works, so use it!

For example, if the puppy bites you during a playtime thinking there is nothing wrong with doing so, redirect that biting to a chew toy that they should be chewing instead. Dalmatian puppies don’t understand which behavior is acceptable and which is bad. It’s your job to show them.

Training New Tricks

Dalmatian puppies are really quick learners – that is if you know how what you are doing. They are good at figuring out what you are all about, and if they think you are not ready to fill the role of a trainer then you will have little to no luck.

The same goes the other way too. If the pup senses that you act like you know what you are doing and are confident, they will give you their full attention. Dalmatians need a strong and confident “pack leader” and if they don’t sense one present, they just might take on that role themselves.


Socializing is an important part of Dalmatian puppy development. It helps them overcome certain fears and anxiety of strangers and it also teaches them how to behave around people. Socialization is what separates wild animals from domesticated pets.

While your Dalmatian puppy is still young, you should take him outside to meet new people. You want to train the puppy to stay calm and friendly when there are strangers around. Don’t let him dash at people, because even though it might seem cute while he is a puppy, once he gets older he will unintentionally scare people by jumping and dashing towards them.

About The Author

Charles Owens is a proud Dalmatian owner, trainer and enthusiast. He has been helping Dalmatian owners for years through his website, discussion forum and personal one on one training sessions.

He has also written a complete guide on what it takes to raise a healthy, happy and obedient Dalmatian.

You can find the complete guide here: The Complete Dalmatian Guide



Sharp thinking! Thanks for the awnser.


i have a 2 month old dalmatian.. shes active, she keeps on eating, i really have a hard time to train him. i dont know where to start.. i hope u could help


Start with the basics like come, sit, down, shake. Those tricks are easy to teach and easy to learn

Sue-ellen king:

Hiya I have a 3 month old dally and I’m finding hard coping with her mouthing and biting, the bigger she gets the more it hurts. I say no and tap her on the nose she does it more, I have a crate and to give us break from it I put her in when she gets too rough. I love her to peaces but it’s make it hard to enjoy play time. Plus I have 2 children age 5 and I’m scared she will really hurt them too. She’s due for last injection on Monday so I’m hoping the exercise will help. But I would love to know if it’s normal and if I should be doing anything different.


I am currently raising my second dalmatian pup. Once they get to a certain size they do realize that they are not as fragile as they once were, pinching your dogs cheeks as opposed to actually playing around around there nose and mouth will help from so much contact around the teeth, Also I find holding a small ball like a mini tennis ball gives them something to focus on besides just your hand. The best thing to do when they try to push themselves on you and “wrestle” so to speak is to just get bigger than them. You DO NOT have to put your dog in a full nelson by any means but position yourself over your dog and hold them down, they will realize they are overpowered quickly and want to stop. Now your dal will always want to play so dont expect them to calm down much any time soon.

jayne hunneybell:

Any tips?
We have had our 9 week old dali boy now for 1 week. He is our first dog and he is a joy in most respects. He has responded very well to obedience training based on treat rewards and already toilets outside,can sit and give paw. He is quite mouthy but we are always encouraging him by offering toys instead. However he is very bad with my kids (age 6,9) we have explained to them to give a firm No and stand still, however he rarely let’s go, we tried holding his snout closed which just makes him cross. I’m not sure about the idea of a clicker as he’s very good otherwise. But just not sure how to discourage him from being so bad with the kids. Many thanks

Charles Owens:

What do you mean he is really bad with the kids? Is he just trying to play? If so, have you tried getting them to play other games with your Dalmatian (throwing the ball for him to fetch for example)? Using a clicker wouldn’t really help you if I’m understanding you correctly. It’s just used to encourage good behavior. To me it sounds like he is just trying to play. If that’s the case, get him more exercise to give him a chance to burn off all that extra puppy energy and get him in the habit only playing games that don’t involve him biting anyone.

Cherri Akins:

3 month… She wont listen to me… Unless shes on the leash. She walks behind or on the side…. But if i take off her leash she will run like hell and go home. I dont know her command to come. I try whistling but she only comes for my sis and my kids. On top of that I put her in the hallway because she acts like shes can poop in my house. Im too clean for this. How to train her to only use it outside


I have a one month old Dalmatian puppy.. I don’t know how to train….


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