Dalmatian Puppy Care

Dalmatian Puppy CareDalmatians puppies are very impressionable while young. This means that you should know exactly how to handles these little rascals so they grow up to be healthy and obedient adult dogs.

Dalmatian puppies are energetic, and extremely playful. They love being around children and other dogs, they love running around, chewing, barking and basically doing all the things a puppy is expected to to- but faster and with more energy than most other breeds.

They require early socialization and exercise from young age. You shouldn’t over-exercise them while they are puppies though, they can tire easily while they are still small and resting and sleeping are very important for them.

They grow up rapidly and as they do, they require more and more exercise and attention. They are very people oriented . They love the attention that they get from familiar faces and strangers alike.. Dalmatian puppies are very intelligent, but stubborn too, and it is very important to start with obedience training as soon as possible so you don’t end up with a hyper, disobedient and stubborn dog.

If you have decided to adopt a Dalmatian puppy, here are some things you should know:

  • Buy your puppy from a reputable breeder
  • Responsible breeders never sell their puppies through a third party
  • A good breeder will have their puppies checked for hearing problems for both puppies and their parents
  • Hearing testing is crucial, as deafness is quite often among Dalmatians
  • Responsible breeders will want to approve of the puppy’s new home and will want you to inform them if you aren’t able of keeping the puppy
  • A good breeder will not give you a puppy that hasn’t been given all the vaccines needed

Things you should do for your new puppy:

  • Take it to the vet as soon as possible for a full exam
  • Socialize your puppy with other dogs
  • Buy a crate as soon as you get your puppy
  • Socialize the puppy with all kinds of people
  • Housebreak your puppy properly, take the time and be patient with it
  • Feed your puppy carefully, Dalmatians are very specific when it comes to diet and feeding
  • Always keep your puppy on a lead when taking it for a walk
  • Make your puppy an active and close part of your family
  • Always carry treats in your pocket when taking your puppy for a walk
  • Never leave your puppy outside without a secure fence
  • Supervise young kids while they are playing with the puppy

Dalmatian puppies are beautiful, smart and playful, but if you don’t get a puppy from a responsible breeder you might end up with a hyper and hard-to-train dog. That said, even if you get your puppy from a respectable breeder, you will have to take care of it properly and give him all your attention and love in order for it to grow to a healthy and happy adult.

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About The Author

Charles Owens is a proud Dalmatian owner, trainer and enthusiast. He has been helping Dalmatian owners for years through his website, discussion forum and personal one on one training sessions.

He has also written a complete guide on what it takes to raise a healthy, happy and obedient Dalmatian.

You can find the complete guide here: The Complete Dalmatian Guide


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I’m going to have a pet . And it will be a dalmatian puppy . This is a bit of trouble handling the puppy . So can you tell me more about this

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I have just got my new boy puppy Maika, he is 2 months old now, when should I take him for vaccination?

We don’t have dalmatian breeder here in our town so I got him from remote breeder in other country.


I live in Florida and am interested in adopting how do you know if you have a good breeder or not


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