Dalmatian Poop Eating

No dog owner wants to see their dog eating their own poop or even worse… another dog’s poop. And certainly no owner wants to clean poop out of their dog’s mouths.

Not only is such behavior disgusting, but it’s also dangerous. If your Dalmatian is eating poop of other animals, he could get sick from the diseases that the animal has been carrying – not to mention the amounts of bacteria your dog would swallow from the feces.

Why your dog is eating poop

Dalmatian Eating PoopDogs munch on a lot of weird and unusual things. I bet you wouldn’t even be surprised if your neighbor had told you that his dog chewed up his cellphone, remote control, or dining room table. However if someone told you that the puppy eats poop, you would have a much different reaction.

So why would a Dalmatian munch on poop? Could it really be the taste that the puppy likes? Well it kind of depends on the dog. Here are some common reasons as to why a Dalmatian would be eating poop:

  • He does not mind the taste – I know this is gross, but some dogs actually don’t mind the taste. To them, finding some poop is like finding a treat.
  • Your Dalmatian might be lacking certain vitamins and minerals – Dogs are good at sensing when they are nutritionally missing something important in their diet and will seek other ways to find that nutrition. And sometimes eating poop is just one of those ways.
  • The Dalmatian wants your attention – What’s the first thing you do when your Dalmatian picks up poop off the ground with his mouth? You are probably running as fast as possible towards him so he drops it. Pretty quickly the puppy will learn that eating poop is the easiest way to get your full attention.
  • He is simply bored and doesn’t have anything better to do – If you leave your Dalmatian outside all day with nothing to do, he might just start picking up any poop he finds just to pass the time- sort of like a scavenger hunt where you find feces instead of treasure.

How to Stop Poop-Eating

The first thing you need to do is teach the Dalmatian that poop is not something he should be eating. You will have to do that by catching him in the act and telling him drop it. Don’t shout or yell at the dog, but say it with a stern and firm voice.

Another good tactic which works great with younger Dalmatians is to startle them right before they try to pick up the poop. Take an empty soda can and fill it with some coins so that when you shake it, it makes loud rattling noise. You’re not trying to frighten the pup, but just startle him enough so that you get his full attention.

As soon as you see him reaching down to pick up the poop, shake the can. It will most likely startle him and he will have no choice but to look in to the direction where the noise came from. Once you get his attention, call him over to sit next you and reward him for it. Keep doing this whenever the Dalmatian is about to eat something gross.

If you did the things above and your Dalmatian continues on licking poop or eating it, schedule an appointment with the vet to see if the dog is missing any vitamins or minerals. In the meantime, try to keep your backyard clean to prevent him from finding any feces lying around.

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