Dalmatian Personality and Temper

Dalmatian PersonalityOf course no two Dalmatians are really the same when it comes to their personality, likes, dislikes – but you can get a general idea of how this particular dog breed behaves and acts. You can’t understand the breed until you seen every side of their personality and behavior. Whether you already own a Dalmatian or planning to bring one home soon, it’s important that you know their personality.

Dalmatians are very smart and extremely creative

They are often stubborn and have a mind of their own. They need a strong leadership and a strong-will owner who is capable of establishing his pack leader role. They should be given consistent and firm boundaries as puppies, with a lot of training, unless you want to end up with a very disobedient adult dog.

They get easily bored
Dalmatians don’t like repeating same tasks over and over and get bored pretty easy. They hate sitting home all alone with nothing to do. These dogs are always looking for something to stimulate them physically or mentally.

Dalmatians are social dogs
Dalmatians love every moment of attention that they can get. They love being the center of the room when friends and family stop by for a visit. Going out on walks and meeting new people is another activity that these dogs enjoy.

They love to stay active.
Give them a large area and something to do and these dogs will stay outside happy all day. They can never get enough physical activity and once they reach adulthood they can run outside practically all day.

Dalmatians make great watchdogs
The thing to note about this breed is that they can get very protective of their owners and their human family. If they sense even the slightest bit of threat from a stranger they will let them know by either barking or growling so that they back off.

Dalmatians are known as a very stubborn breed
It’s true. Dalmatians are known to be a little more stubborn than other dog breeds. However if you know what you’re doing and how to maintain the role of the pack leader then this is not really an issue. If you’re dog sees you as a good leader and has full trust in you, he will always listen and trust your actions.

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