Dalmatian Obedience Training

Dalmatian Obedience Training

About The Author

Charles Owens is a proud Dalmatian owner, trainer and enthusiast. He has been helping Dalmatian owners for years through his website, discussion forum and personal one on one training sessions.

He has also written a complete guide on what it takes to raise a healthy, happy and obedient Dalmatian.

You can find the complete guide here: The Complete Dalmatian Guide

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Davina Williams:

Hello I have a 14 week dalmatian and her biting and jumping is out of control I have read everything tried everything I think correctly and still she jumps onto me and my partner and bites.I am at my wits end we have given her lots of love and she doesn’t listen I am now beginning to think she is aggressive and to much for me to handle.


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