How Much Should I Feed My Dalmatian

This is the most frequently asked questions by first time dog owners. Unfortunately the answer is not really that straight forward. How much you feed your Dalmatian depends on a lot of factors – like weight, size, activity, age.

Problem with Feeding Charts

I’ve seen some charts on the web and in books and for the most part they are not even that good. They only show the ratio of weight versus how much to feed a Dalmatian dog. They don’t factor in the dogs daily activity and weight goals (lose weight/gain more weight).

The charts on back of the food packages can’t really be trusted either. Some dog food brands overestimate how much you should feed the dog. They do this because the more you feed your dog, the more profit they get from you.

Feeding a Dalmatian Puppy

Here are some tips and suggestions on how to feed a Dalmatian Puppy:

  • 2-6 months old puppy – Feed the puppy twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. It’s a good idea to mix 50% of the food you received from the breeder with 50% of your own food. It’s the easiest way to ease a puppy into a new diet. Also at this age expect the puppy to be a real chewer – so have some toys nearby that he can chew on.
  • 6-12 month old puppy – Now the puppy will be old enough to run around, play and exercise. Feed him twice daily with high quality and nutritious food to promote muscle development and growth. You can also give him nutritious treats during training.
  • 1 year and older Dalmatian – Now that your Dalmatian is an adult, it’s a good idea to monitor his weight as a guideline for his diet. Every time you take your dog to the vet for a regular checkup, one of the workers will weigh your dog and you can use that as your guide to see if the dog needs to shed or gain some pounds.

Additional Dalmatian Feeding Tips

Use a measuring cup when filling the dogs bowl – It’s a lot easier to just estimate, but estimates are not exactly accurate. Using a measuring cup will give you much more control over your dog’s diet and weight.

Don’t overfeed the Dalmatian – I know how tempting it can be to give in to your dog’s sad puppy eyes when he is begging for food, but you have watch the dogs weight. Overweight dogs have a higher risk of developing certain health problems. If your Dalmatian is overweight, give him more exercise and slightly cut down on his diet.

Always keep the dogs water bowl full of fresh drinking water – The water bowl will help the Dalmatian control his appetite better and keep him hydrated. No one wants to drink old dirty water so change his water often.

Stick to the same food – It’s easier on the dogs stomach if you feed him the same type of food instead of switching from one brand to the next. If you do plan to switch brands, mix the two types of foods together and gradually eliminate his old food from his diet.

Monitor the Dalmatian’s weight – Don’t just follow the recommended suggestions on the back of the package. Instead watch the dog’s weight and feed him accordingly. If you’re not sure if your Dalmatian’s weight is healthy, ask the vet at your next checkup.

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About The Author

Charles Owens is a proud Dalmatian owner, trainer and enthusiast. He has been helping Dalmatian owners for years through his website, discussion forum and personal one on one training sessions.

He has also written a complete guide on what it takes to raise a healthy, happy and obedient Dalmatian.

You can find the complete guide here: The Complete Dalmatian Guide


Nihal-Amin Helmy:

thank you for your advice it was really helpful


nice to know about dalmatian diet


i heart them


Do you have any suggestions on good brands of dog food?


Natural balance,lamb meal & rice 2 cups a day.and always bowl of water


What are some dry food dogfood that you recommend for dalmatians?


Natural balance lamb meal & brown rice ,is a great dry dog food,that what we use for r dal.


I have a 2 months old boy Dal. He needs to eat 4 times a day. if he dont get food on his time starts to jump and reach to my kitchen and starts to make noise. Here you said just feed two times a day, which I think is not possible with mine one for now. Please suggest how clould i change his eating time and reduce it to 4 to 3 or 2 times a day. i am worried of him getting over weight. Help.


try feeding your dal 4 -1/2 cups a day that will =2 cups a day.


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