Finding a Reputable Dalmatian Breeder

Before you purchase a Dalmatian puppy, you have to make sure that the breeder you found is a reputable Dalmatian breeder. Luckily for you, there are some signs that you can look for to separate the good dog breeders from others.

Why a Good Breeder is Important

I think it’s safe to say that when you are in search of a puppy, you want a healthy and well-tempered dog. Reputable breeders take more time and care when breeding their dogs to avoid genetic diseases and make sure the puppies are healthy.

On the other side of things, breeders that breed their dogs just for profit don’t really care about the puppies. To them, the puppies are just a paycheck waiting to be cashed. They also tend to overbreed their dogs to sell more puppies and make more money. Any pup that doesn’t get sold is forced on the street, given up for adoption or put down.

Spotting a Reputable Dog Breeder

So now that you know why finding a good dog breeder is important, let’s glance over some of the things you should look for in a Dalmatian breeder:

  • The breeder reserves his puppies before they are even born – Good breeders will usually find homes for their pups before they are born. So if the breeder has a waiting list, it’s a good sign.
  • He asks you a lot of questions before he sells you his puppy – expect to be asked questions about your home and what you expect from your new dog. A reputable breeder will always want to make sure that his pup is going to a good home before he sends him off.
  • Puppies are kept indoors and not in a kennel – Puppies that grow up around humans grow up to be better socialized than those that spend most of their early days in a cage.
  • The breeder only has one or two litters per year – If the breeder has any more than that, then he or she is probably doing it for the money.
  • They only breed one type of dog breed – If the breeder always has puppies for sale and they are of different dog breeds then you can be sure it’s a puppy mill.

Where to find a Breeder

Knowing the difference between a good dog breeder and a bad one is only half the battle. Now you need to actually find a reputable breeder. Here are some places you can try:

Online web dog breeder directories – The internet is a great place to find anything. However it’s also a place where you should be very careful. Use the internet to find the breeders, but make sure to always visit their home before you buy any puppies from them.

Dog shows and dog clubs – You can find a reputable Dalmatian dog breeder at dog shows and clubs. Talk to someone who has a Dalmatian and even if they personally don’t breed dogs they probably know someone who does.

Ask other Dalmatian owners – if you know someone with a Dalmatian, ask them where they purchased their puppy.

Pet store bulletin boards -Many pet stores have bulletin boards. Often breeders leave notes there if they have an upcoming litter.

Before you purchase a Dalmatian

Before you purchase a puppy, I highly suggest you check out the Dalmatian Owners Guide. Not only will it help you with raising a healthy, happy and obedient Dalmatian but it will also help you with choosing the right puppy, preparing your home for a dog and anything else a responsible dog owner should know.

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About The Author

Charles Owens is a proud Dalmatian owner, trainer and enthusiast. He has been helping Dalmatian owners for years through his website, discussion forum and personal one on one training sessions.

He has also written a complete guide on what it takes to raise a healthy, happy and obedient Dalmatian.

You can find the complete guide here: The Complete Dalmatian Guide

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