Top Dalmatian Disobedience Problems

If you own a Dalmatian puppy, then you must already know that they are a lot like children. They are curious, playful and often get into trouble. Their strong sense of smell and the desire to bite on anything new leads them to do things that we owners strongly disapprove of.

Here is a quick list of common Dalmatian disobedience problems. Remember that all dog breeds have their own share of disobedience problems and these are by no extent exclusive to Dalmatians only.

Beginning and whining

If your Dalmatian ever caught you in the middle of dinner or with some food in your hand, you probably know that I’m talking about. Begging and whining can be quit annoying, but it shouldn’t be ignored all the time. Sometimes your Dalmatian could be begging to go outside because he really wants to go, but other times he might just want a treat.

House Training Dalmatian


This messy problem should be one of the first obedience issues that you fix. Your dog needs to learn where it’s okay for him to go potty, which is outside. Remember to always thoroughly clean up any mess. If the Dalmatian senses he has gone potty in a certain spot before, he is more likely to go potty there again.

Dalmatian ChewingDestructive Chewing

This is one of the disobedience problems that is too expensive to ignore. Dogs have sharp teeth and can chew through quite a lot, in very little time. Replacing the chewed up things can be expensive, especially if your Dalmatian gets his hands on expensive electronics.


What kind of a dog would it be if it didn’t bark? Well some owners would say “A good one”. It’s natural for dogs to bark so don’t expect to “cure” it. Barking should not be cured, but controlled. Let your Dalmatian get out a few barks every now and then, but only when appropriate.


Dominant behavior doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to form, so look out for any early warning signs and quickly get on this obedience problem before it gets out of control. Remember that Dalmatians are always looking for a strong and confident “alpha dog”. If they think you are not fit for the role, then they will try to take that role on for themselves.

About The Author

Charles Owens is a proud Dalmatian owner, trainer and enthusiast. He has been helping Dalmatian owners for years through his website, discussion forum and personal one on one training sessions.

He has also written a complete guide on what it takes to raise a healthy, happy and obedient Dalmatian.

You can find the complete guide here: The Complete Dalmatian Guide



My Dalmatian puppy who is 3 months in age is not barking at all! Should I be concerned? What should I do????


Hi, I wouldnt worry my puppy still rarely barks and she is 8 months old, but if something happens shes not happy about or strangers turn up she lets me know

Karen H.:

I’m on my fourth Dalmatian and the first three didn’t bark at all! My new one does so be thankful you have a quiet one.

I wouldn’t worry!


My 4month old keeps climbing on our shoulders. Should that be a concern?

Charles Owens:

Shouldn’t be a problem while the pup is still young, but obviously you don’t want a full-grown adult Dalmatian climbing on top of you!


My Dalmatian is nearly 2 years old now and still NO BARKING.
I’m not complaining lol but i just find it odd.

I know he CAN bark, I’ve heard him A couple of times in the past when a certain stranger comes to the house. (Not all of them) and its usually when Im alone with my kids. So it appears to be a protective thing.

I just wanted to see if anyone else’s dally was like this.

Kayla M.:

I can relate. My dal is almost 4 years and he doesn’t bark much. Only when the mailman comes lol or when he feels it’s necessary.


Hi There,

I just got my dalmatian 5 month old pupp and he is barking at other dogs and people.

I am just curious if this behavior would manifest into aggression in the future.


Kayla M.:

I only had issues with disobedience from my dal when I first got him. I should mention that he was almost a year when he was left in my care from a friend who could no longer keep him. He did at first chew up very important wires and so many wonderful shoes lol but after getting disciplined he learned those things weren’t toys. Also I think it’s good to show dominance but in a healthy way. Now he’s my literally my best friend.


My Dalmatian is 2 years old and he barks at every dog he sees , also he tries to pull . What should I do ?


I just adopted a 9 year old Dalmatian who had little to none socialization And barks at my family who comes over and growls. How can this be. Orrected or is it to far gone. She trembles if scolded also


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