The man with 44 Dalmatians

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    This is crazy! This man has 44 Dalmatians. Here is a link (it’s in spanish though)

    For those of you who don’t speak Spanish, basically this 55 year old man has adopted 44 Dalmatians. According to the article he is unemployed and is doing this to raise awareness in Chile about stray dogs. He feeds and cares for the Dalmatians along with some other dogs.

    What do you guys think? Is he one hardcore environmentalist or just crazy?

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    Did he name them all?? How does he remember which one is which?

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    there is no way you can take care of many dogs alone! You said he is unemployed.. so how can he afford to feed all of those dogs?

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    that man is loco

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    I can’t imagine that being possible.. from the picture it looks like he can’t even feed himself, let alone all those dogs!

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    Is it 44 dogs total or 44 dalmatians plus other dogs?

    Either way, that is an insane number of dogs to take care of for one person.. especially a homeless one.

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