Spot ate a handful of Tums!! Help?

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    Alright so my daughter left an opened bottle of tums in the living room and I think Spot knocked it over which spilled all the tables. Immediately after I heard the noise, I ran in there to check what happened and I see my dog eating something on the ground. I assumed he stole some food from the kitchen so I didn’t think much of it.

    Then he started to cough as if he is chocking so I pushed him away to see what’s going on and that’s when I saw the tums.

    Now it doesn’t look like he ate that many. the bottle wasn’t full to begin with and when we refilled it, there was more than a half of them left. I’m still worried. Should I be concerned? should I take him to the vet? he seems ok as I’m typing this. Please help!

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    Don’t worry, it’s not too big of a concern. Tums are not toxic at such a small amount for a full grown Dalmatian. You should still call your vet and explain the situation, but they will most likely just tell you to watch him for anything unusual. Your Dalmatian will probably just be a constipated until the tums leave his system.

    I’ve worked as a vets assistant, we had someone call in with a similar problem.

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