Izzy broke her nail!

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    Izzy snapped one of her nails on the rear paw today. We were outside and everything was fine. She was running around, playing and having fun and then sudenly she jumped and when she landed I heard her yelp out as if she stepped on something sharp. At first I thought maybe she stepped on a nail or some glass, but then she start limping to me and I noticed that one of her nails was bent way too far.

    I’ve already called the vet and spoke to one of the assistant and made and they said they will fit me in today. Anything I should do before I go there? Should I cut the nail off? It’s still attached to her paw.

    I know I should probably just wait until the vet takes a look at it, but it pains me to see her like this 🙁

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    You really can’t do much. We had this happen with our dog so I can feel your pain. The good news is that it’s not that big of a problem and you’d be surprised at how often this happens to dogs. That’s why keeping grooming is very important 🙂

    Anyways until you see the vet, just sit with her and keep her calm. Don’t let her lick the area too much and try to keep it as clean as you can

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    Thank you 🙂

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