IQ Treat ball – Anyone try it?

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    So lately I’ve been looking at different type of dog toys that are supposed to keep your dog busy for a while. My Dalmatian usually gets bored of new toys pretty darn quick unless I’m there to play with him. That’s fine and all but I don’t have a lot of free time and it kills me to see my little buddy just laying there with nothing to do while I’m gone at work.

    So recently I bought the IQ treat ball for him (link here) and he can spend full 30 mins running around with that thing. It’s actually kind of fun to watch at times.

    Anyone else try it?

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    Haven’t tried the IQ ball but I did pick up a similar toy at the store. The one I got works fairly well but it’s pretty tough to keep clean so we don’t use it that often

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    I know what you mean, we had one that was really hard to keep clean. I ended up returning it and getting another similar toy that you could take apart clean the inside. Our dog just doesn’t play with it unless someone is watching him.

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