Having a hard time getting 6 mo. Dalmatian to socialize

  •  Nereyda Lopez:

    I have a 6 month old pup, I am having a hard time getting him to socialize with other dogs he runs away and hides behind me, he always as accidents when strangers try to pet him. Any tips ?

  • Profile photo of barbara Profile photo of barbara Barbara:

    We had the same problem with our Dal. I’m pretty sure we bought him from a puppy mill (didn’t realize that at the time).

    What helped us was taking him with us on our trips. We never forced him to socialize and whenever someone visited us, we just told them to ignore our pup until he feels safe enough to come out on his own. As he got older the accidents became a less common occurrence. Eventually it completely stopped. He still is a little shy, especially around large people but it’s nowhere near as bad as it was.

    Hope this helps!

  •  Bethany Hess:

    my Dalmatian is extremely protective and aggressive towards anyone besides my family and close friends. I raised him since 12 weeks and socialized him often. he is now two years old and it seems to be getting worse. he is the most loving and smart dog i have ever owned but I am concerned about his aggressiveness towards other dogs ans people
    any suggestions? thanks!

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