Grooming a Dalmation

  •  Katrina:

    I have just had a very nasty experience with our dalmation (female almost 13 years old). I have never had any problems with her skin before. She has been bathed twice a year and her nails clipped by a groomer with no problem. The groomers we used moved away and i had to find a new one. I took her to a new groomer a couple of weeks ago who used a furminator and shedding blade on her. We normally brush her with a rubber brush when we are out walking with her.
    We have been to the vets four times so far, back again on Thursday. Her fur is falling out in large chunks and her skin is angry and red. she has has a course of antibiotics, steriod injections and anti-inflamatory medicine.

    Should a dalmation be groomed with a furminator/shedding blade. It appears they have almost stripped her skin.

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.

    Kind regards

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