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    Is there any way to teach a dal to stop jumping and climbing the fences. We have two, Apollo is approx. 1 y/o and Venus she is about 6 months old. We recently adopted both from a Dalmatian rescue. They were abused. We have had them a week now. They are both scheduled to be fixed in a few days. Despite all that they are both doing well. They are a bit nervous but we have done well bonding and spending time with both. They are malnourished and had hook worm (thats been fixed) My wife and I have had several Dals and understand them well. But the climbing and fence jumping is new. Was just wondering if anyone else has dealt with that and if so any advice.


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    Once they figure something like this out, it’s very hard to undo. Even if you train them not to climb over, there is a chance that something will catch their attention and they will go for it.

    As much as I dislike shock collars I think it would be your best bet. Maybe someone else has a better suggestion. Training could work, considering that they’re still young, but I know it would still worry me.

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