Can't housetrain my Dalmatian? Nothing seems to work

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    I have a Dalmatian who is 9 months old and still isn’t potty trained. I take him outside whenever I’m home, but if he is left alone he goes potty. He also seems to wait when no one is around before he relieves himself indoors. It’s becoming a serious problem because our whole house is starting to reek of urine! We tried a lot of things and none of them seem to help, he still pees and poops indoors.
    We tried to keep him in the crate while we’re gone but he just goes potty in the crate. That becomes even more messy because he will roll around in there and then we have to wash him off so he doesn’t smell. After trying this for a few times we gave up. I don’t want my dog locked in a crate all day peeing on himself. That’s disgusting.
    We also tried locking him in the bathroom because the floors are tile so it will be easier to clean up, but he just scratched up the door.
    When we do go outside, I have to stay with him out for a very long time until he does something. I tried giving him treats when he does his thing outside. Me and my husband spend a lot of time with him when we’re home, but none of that seems to “stick”. As soon as we’re back home he forgets all about potty training. We even had a few instances where after being outside he goes back home and immediately has an accident indoors.

    Please help! What are we doing wrong? Are Dalmatians just that difficult to housetrain or are we missing something?

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    Hi, i hope i can help. I have two adorable dallie puppies that until recently weren’t housetrained. It was so frustrating. However, by putting some strategies in place, and asking for the help of a trainer, we got them sorted.
    So first off, the crate; it should only be slightly bigger than the dog. Too much space and he can distance himself from his mess. This encourages him to hold it in a little longer. Also, he will still be going quite regularly, so you need to make sure he has plenty of opportunity to go outside. What worked with our puppies, is getting them to bark to go out, and going out of the house into the garden with them. We took the treats with us, treated them straightaway, with lots of praise, and then get them to bark to come back in.
    Also, try a pee stick in the garden. A pup of that age will be reaching sexual maturity, and feel the need to mark his territory, on the stick.

    If none of this works, have you tried going back to basics? put newspaper in his crate, and reward him lavishly for going on the paper. keep doing so until this becomes a habit, and then move the paper closer to the door. if he goes off the paper, you have moved it too far out of his comfort zone, and it will need to go back. eventually, move the paper outside.

    remember, never punish the pup for going in the house. This will only make it worse for yourself, and him. however, if you catch him rolling in poo, correct that behaviour!
    hope i helped 🙂

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      that’s some good advice, follow that and you should be well on your way 🙂

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