Adopted Dalmatian – Separation Anxiety Problems

  •  Maria Vindas:

    I adopted my female Dalmatian from the Human Society of Greater Miami she was 2 year old on adoption Jan/2015.
    She is deaf, fear aggression, lunging to bite, chase after all type of type bike, and not people friendly . According to Humane Society she was locked in garage, and vet behaviorist said she is abuse and neglected.

  •  Maria Vindas:

    Also she has separation anxiety

  • Profile photo of rosie Profile photo of rosie Rosie:

    It’s really sad how people can be so abusive to animals. Good on you for rescuing her. It’s no surprise she’s having behavior issues. Have you started any sort of training?

    What have you started to stop separation anxiety? If you don’t know where to start, read this.

  • Profile photo of mike Profile photo of mike mike:

    All you really can do is take on the problem one day at a time. Introduce her to new people one at a time.
    It’s going to take time to recover from abuse/neglect.

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