Adopted 2x 8 Month old boys. Need advise . PLEASE

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    Greetings All.

    Yesterday we adopted 2 stunning 8 month old boys. They were living in a complex with a very small garden and received no training and little attention.
    Obviously they are stubborn and difficult. But the one is exceptionally hard headed ( Charlie ) His brother (Nike) has a been a little easier to train. He already sits (sometimes ) when told to . Leash training is going well. BUT Charlie is still not responding to any positive training.
    He is resisting all attempts and I believe he is holding on to his “alpha male ” status , since that was the quid pro qou in the old house.
    He blatantly ignores our commands, even when we call him.
    Charlie is starting to influence Nike and I fear if I do not do something soon. I will be sitting with 2 uncontrollable , VERY strong, Dogs on my hands.

    Does any one have any advise ?

    Thank you in Advance

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    We had this problem with our dog too and funny enough it creeped up at around the same age as your dogs, but it really wasn’t that bad. I think that at that age they start to act out like rebellious teenagers. We just followed the guide on how to be pack leaders and his dominance issues improved. Guess we lucked out in that department

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