5 m/o. Dalmatian Bad Behavior [LONG READ]

  •  Pieter:

    My girlfriend has a 5 month old Dalmatian and since she got the dog she’s not been letting the dog respect her as the owner and leader of the pack and the dog is clearly the one who calls the shots. Since she had the dog, the dog would sleep in her bed when the dog feels like it, chews on her shoes and pees in the house. She (the dog) barely listens to her, but I think it’s due to my girlfriend not letting the dog realize who is the boss in their relationship.

    When I started coming into the picture my girlfriend got the dog to pee outside and let you know when she needs to go pee (well 85% of the time) and she started getting the dog toys to chew on and now tries to let her sleep on her own bed. When the dog wants to lay on the bed, she will tell her no and take her to her own doggy bed. Another thing is whenever the dog sees me and I touch her she pees all over the floor, but I think it’s because I’m the only one who disciplines her with a smack to the bum when she does something wrong. Now I know most people feel you shouldn’t hit a dog, but I’ve been brought up differently… but clearly writing this message is me trying to find other ways and I’m not enjoying hitting the dog (and the dog just don’t care, she just carries on as if nothing’s wrong) Like yesterday I went with her for a walk and everything was pleasant up to the point when we needed to go home. 20 meters from the car she just stopped and didn’t want to listen when I called her.

    So my girlfriend said I should take some treats to persuade the dog, but as soon a I came closer to her she moves away from me. So I tried this for 5min after which I started running after her and actually caught her, gave her n good smack on the bum and told her she must listen with urgency in my voice. While I had my hand around her band around her neck, she just whipped/pulled her head out of the band and ran off again. I then walked to the car and started driving to see if she would start coming closer. She eventually did and after 15 minutes she was walking around my car still not coming closer to me. When she did I put the band around her neck again while she started peeing between her legs like crazy.

    So it’s clear she’s afraid of me (which I don’t like) She then again teased me by getting away from me again and eventually I had her in the car. On the way home while I speak to her telling her she’s naughty she waves her tail and looks at me as if she doesn’t care what I’m saying and everything is fine. Right…so my thing is, I don’t want to hit the dog like I did and it’s clear that it doesn’t help/work and I want the dog to be obedient and submissive. She is a beautiful dog and as I mentioned while you walk/run with her she’s great. Even in the house she’s fun and loving, but it’s just the problem that she thinks she’s calling the shots and not my girlfriend or me. Please help…

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    Start here: Dalmatian Training . There are more links before for you to follow. Better yet just get the Guide. Then start basic obedience training and tell your girlfriend to the the same. That should start you on the path of earning her trust and loyalty.

    Physically smacking your dog will only make things worse. It might work in the short-term (the dog will do whatever you want out of fear) but you won’t earn her respect.

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    I think your girlfriend is a gutless wimp! She should dump you, and report you to animal cruelty! You clearly have issues,with being disciplined as a child, and are taking it out on the dog. It is up to your gf to train her dog, not you. I have 40+ years experience training dogs, and physical punishment IS NOT THE ANSWER! I sincerely hope the dog turns round and attacks you, or that someone else witnesses your cruelty and either reports you, or gives you a taste of your own medicine. You are a bully and a coward. Your gf is clearly a submissive personality, and you are a dominant bully who should not be allowed near animals

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