Dalmatian Diet – Food and Treats

Dalmatian Diet, Treats and FoodWhen it comes to diet and food, Dalmatians are quite unique dogs. This particular breed digests certain proteins much differently than other breeds do. So it’s even more important to keep track of what and how much your Dalmatian eats. Although there are plenty of dog food on the market that target this breed directly, it’s better to know exactly what your dog needs before you buy any dog food.

Dalmatian Diet and Protein

First and most important thing which you must know is that Dalmatians actually lack a specific enzyme which is used to help digest proteins. They are actually the only breed that lacks this enzyme, all other dogs have it. This enzyme helps digest foods that are very heavily dense in proteins.

This undigested protein can buildup and form into small stones, commonly known as kidney stones. Don’t worry though there are a couple of things you can do to prevent them, and a lot of Dalmatians never experience this problem. Others however are not as lucky and have them quite often.

Cutting protein from the Dalmatian’s diet is not a solution, since these large and energetic dogs require protein to keep them moving. What you should limit though is foods that are heavily dense in protein, like organ meat. You should always leave plenty of water for the Dalmatian to drink. Water helps the kidneys filter out things the body doesn’t need. So a frequent flush of the system, trip to the bathroom, is great for preventing buildup in the kidneys.

Balanced Dalmatian Dog Diet

Dalmatian Dog FoodThese dogs have very sensitive stomachs so watch what you feed them. The best way to do it is by feeding your pup home cooked food. That way you know exactly what your Dalmatian is eating and you have full control over his diet. Of course with our busy schedule this isn’t always possible. Feeding him store brand food is fine as long as you find food with the right nutrition.

When it comes to dry vs. wet food, go for the kibble. I noticed a lot of the canned food is high in purine.  Your Dalmatian also needs to chew on something, like dry kibble, every now and then to keep his teeth healthy. So if you decide to feed the Dalmatian canned, or also known as ‘wet’, food then make sure you provide your dog with plenty of chewable dog treats.

Dalmatian Treats

Treats are important for Dalmatian training and they are used as a way to reward good behavior. It encourages your puppy to obey you in the future and gives them a feeling of accomplishment while boosting their confidence, if you use them the right way that is.

This doesn’t mean you should give out the treats like there is no tomorrow though. Problem with giving too many treats is that they can affect your dog’s diet. Another downside is that constantly rewarding your dog for small things will make the treats meaningless. If they are handed out treats for no particular reason, they won’t have the urge to earn them because they are so easy to get without any effort. They will just wait for their next handout.

Here are some popular treats that owners give their dogs:

  • Yogurt
  • Cheese
  • Certain Cooked Veggies (zucchini, sweet potato, squash, etc)
  • Eggs (hard boiled)

An adult Dalmatian’s diet should include two full meals with treats in between. Try to avoid foods that are too dense in protein and monitor the dog’s weight. If he starts gaining weight too fast, cut back on the food. Overweight Dalmatians tend to suffer from more health issues and are unhealthier in general than Dalmatians that are at the optimum weight. So be careful and don’t give out too many treats to your dog while trying to teach him new tricks.

Best Guide for a Healthy and Happy Dalmatian

If you want to know exactly what makes this breed tick? Learn the secret to a happy, healthy and obedient Dalmatian that every owner needs to know – Dalmatian Owners Guide

About The Author

Charles Owens is a proud Dalmatian owner, trainer and enthusiast. He has been helping Dalmatian owners for years through his website, discussion forum and personal one on one training sessions.

He has also written a complete guide on what it takes to raise a healthy, happy and obedient Dalmatian.

You can find the complete guide here: The Complete Dalmatian Guide


Anthony Devivo:

Hi how are you? I was wandering if you can answer my question. I have a one and a half-year-old Dalmatian and he is on prescription medication that makes his stomach sensitive. I want to know is this A good healthy dog food to feed him. If not is there somthing you can recommend that would be a better choice?

Charles Owens:

I wouldn’t be able to answer that questions without knowing what medication the vet prescribed to your dog. I suggest you call the vet and ask him this question since he is the one who prescribed it.

Hope your dog gets well soon.


I have a Dalmatian super sensitive to food I only give him the fromms the duck and rabbit one and give him raw goats milk he cleared up all allergies and I give him goats Cheese in his food he is doing great but he is allergic to everything else

dale ziglar:

Are you sure its food allergies? My Dal developed inhalant allergies last summer in June. She is 3 years old. I was advised by a vet to used Natural Balance Duck and Potato (her breeder recommended Flint River Lamb and Millet but they went out of business). Now Natural Balance is having problems with their duck source…I administer antihistamine Rx when she scratches which hot weather brings on. I do try and bath her or rinse her more often in pollen season. Clean or wipe her face and paws to prevent allergy reactions. It is just difficult. Raw goats milk
and Goats Cheese sounds like a winner.


Please could you advice me on my 3 year old dalmatian. He has always been on advance nutrition dried dog food since being born,At the moment hes on the large dog breed one, but pets at home are discontinuing it and im trying to find something similar,But are getting very frustrated about new brands such as iams which have 72%protein and the purina beta could you help me please.



Hi we have a 3 yr old dalmation who had feeding probs leading to urinary infections and stones so we put him on a kibble from Royal Canin special dalmation food in 12 kilo bags from Pet Supermarket which we get online. They have discount offers every so often but Alfie is doing great on them now and has been on it for nearly 2 years

Chris Ingle:

Need some good advice on what store brand food to feed my Dal. He just had surgery for bladder stones!!

Roger Friend:

My 8 y.o. male Dal just went thru the same surgery and is now on Royal Canin Urinary Diet UC –it isn’t cheap, but compared to another surgery, it seemed one of the best alternatives. Available thru Chewy.com with free delivery. My Dal loves the flavor!


Please help! My 4 year old dalmatian is not eating, even though he stays active. What could be the reason?

M Dro:

Have your vet do a liver blood panel to make sure all is functioning well. Some Dalmatians are coming up with copper storage disease which is a buildup of copper in the liver.


How many times do you need to exercise a Dalmatian every day?


ALOT!!! As much as possible, lol.

dale ziglar:

second “alot”. Match the Dal with a dog that likes to run and chase in the backyard in between dog park visits/walks. Running is what they love.


I will soon be adopting a female dalmatian mix shelter dog. What is her risk for developing bladder stones? I’ve read that females are at much less risk than males. Also, are mixed breeds at risk as much as pure-breds? I’m hoping that the other breeds in her will have enough of the protein-digesting enzyme that it will counter the lack of it in her dalmatian side. I will make sure to feed her a high-quality, low purine dog food.

M Dro:

It would depend on if you have a large yard or live in an apartment, but I have had 4 Dalmatians and I find that playing ball in the yard, walking once a day for a long walk is enough. My Dals have always been house dogs so we play tug of war inside and I take one with me to run errands to dog friendly facilities. My post office, hardware store, pet stores all allow well behaved pets. Join a dog club for outside activities such as Rally and Agility training. You will meet other dog owners and may even compete.


Have a 9wk old Dalmatian pup hav him on prions beta dog food but have been told it’s high protein any advice what dried food to put him on


I have my puppy on Natural Balance Puppy, brown rice, chicken and duck meal. He absolutely loves it and it has low protein.


I have a four months male puppy. We feed him thrice a day, twice cooked oats (4 tablespoons raw) with milk and a little flat bread. And chicken (one big piece around 100 gms), rice (one handful raw) and veggie (roughly 200gms) in the evening. Is this enough for him? and do I need to add any supplements like calcium and mineral? We give him a handful of wheat biscuit, yogurt, fruit as treats 3 times daily. We’re pretty new to raising a dog and any advise would be welcome.


I’ve heard they have to have special food. What do you feed him and what types of meat she can eat. Can my dalmatian can drink milk?
She likes bananas, zucchini, pumpkin, boiled carrots, frozen berries (redcurrant etc).

I make him a veggie, apple and chicken (lamb, salmon) buckwheat porridge.


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