Dalmatian Training

Training Dalmatians is all about rewarding good behavior and correcting bad habits. The Dalmatian breed is very intelligent and that sometimes can make training difficult. The key to quick training results is being confident, consistent and positive throughout each training session.

When to start training Dalmatians

The sooner you start training your Dalmatian, the better. Many owners tend to wait a couple of months before they do any kind of training thinking the puppy is too young to learn. In reality though, Dalmatians start learning things right away. Even though you might not be teaching your pup anything directly, the dog is constantly looking for confirmation or disapproval of their behavior.

Training Article: Training a Dalmatian Puppy – The Basics

For example if the Dalmatian puppy starts chewing on your shoes and sees you laughing at how cute and adorable he is, he will assume your laughter means that you approve of that kind of behavior. If however you said “No” in a firm voice and replaced your shoe with a toy, then the Dalmatian would quickly learn that chewing shoes is not ok and instead he should be playing with his own toys.

So to answer the question, you should start basic obedience training right away by encouraging good behavior and correcting bad behavior before it forms into habits which can be a pain to get rid of. If you want to start training tricks then start with very basic ones like sit, come and paw. The Dalmatian should be able to start learning these tricks at about 3-4 months of age.

Positive reinforcement – the best training tool you will use

When you go to a pet store you will see all kinds of training equipment and accessories for dogs, but guess what? You don’t need any of those things. Sure some could come in handy here and there, but they are not necessities that you must own if you ever hope to train your dog. Some of the tools I would even advise you to stay away, like choke collars for example.

The only “tool” that you need to successfully train a Dalmatian is positive reinforcement. These dogs love to make their owners happy but often times they don’t know how. If you show them what you want them to do and then reward that behavior either with some praise or a treat, the dog will quickly understand what he is doing right and how to make you happy.

Obedience training

Training your Dalmatian to follow you on a leash instead of pulling you in all directions, teaching him not to jump on people and anything else that has to do with behavior and following rules is called obedience training. It’s basically training your Dalmatian to follow the necessary rules so they can live among their human family without problems.

When you are training your Dalmatian to obey your house rules, you have to keep in mind that dogs will be dogs and it’s natural for them to chew, dig, bark and bite. So your goal is not to end this type of behavior but to control it. Chewing and barking are two of the best ways for them to relives their stress and denying them that is just cruel.

Your Dalmatian needs to chew, but he doesn’t need to chew on your clothes and shoes. Instead encourage him to chew on his toys, bones or chewable. This way the dog still gets to chew, and you don’t have to worry about him destroying half your house. Same goes for barking and digging, control those actions. Don’t try to stop them completely, but teach them when and where it’s appropriate to behave that way.

Dalmatian Training Continued

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How do I stop my dog from taking the washing off the line? Every time I leave him outside alone he pulls down all of our clothes!

Charles Owens:

He probably doesn’t realize that he isn’t supposed to do that. Did you try catching him in the act and then correcting his behavior?


You should not leave your dog alone in the yard. He is letting you know he is frustrated. Take your dog for a one-hour walk every day and find a way to let him or her run at least part of that time. He’ll stop with the laundry when his needs are met. Short term, stay with him in the yard and stop him if he tries, offering a proper dog toy instead.


My dalmation puppy does not come on command. She does sometimes, but a lot of the time she will just stand there and look at me, or even run the other way. Do you have any tips to correct this?


The dog of that breed is Slightly deft


Not all dogs of this breed are deaf. more than half aren’t. 11 to 12% are deaf.


I have a dalmation pup. He is of 2 months now he is hearing properly, but so many of my friends have said to me that he will be deaf when he grows up.. Is this really true? I am really worried about this.


Don’t worry, if your dog hears now he will not turn deaf. This never happens, your friends are wrong. Somw dogs are born deaf, but that is different.


Your friends don’t know what they are talking about. 11 to 12% become deaf or are born deaf. That means more than half will not be deaf. The numbers for deafness are higher in them than any other breed but most of them will not become deaf.


I have a six month old male dalmation who as recently started nipping at my two boys. He has always gotten along with them. I notice he does it more when he’s laying at my feet or next to me on the couch. How do I teach him that’s not ok?


My Dalmatian is 4 years old..

I have not done any training for my dog
Is it still possible for me to train him?
Jack is a very cute puppy


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